[Disclaimer – This post is dedicated to all the people who took time from their busy schedules to appreciate my previous post (first post on this blog – Questions in Life). Thank you for all your love & support! ]

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XXXX: Hey, Payel! Have you seriously written this? I didn’t know that your thoughts match so much with mine. I am so happy . Keep up your good work.

Me: Aww! Thank you so much, XXXX! Glad you like it: D  


The desire for approval is one of our basic social needs. Deep inside us, there is a basic urge for approval of what we are or what we do. We want to be appreciated & a word of appreciation can add a sparkle to our lives.  The art of praise & appreciation with a positive outlook towards life is sure to win us friends and keep us happy. Frankly speaking, words of praise can be magical as it can boost your spirit, passion, and purpose. The most important challenging thing is to make time each and every day to appreciate what and who is in your life.

Our discouraging words may be the weapons that destroy someone’s desire to continue trying, while on the other hand, our words of praise or encouragement can do wonders to people with lowly spirits. The heart-felt appreciation can lift someone up and help him/her make it through the day.  It’s just a text message saying, “Thanks for being you,” which takes probably less than a minute to shoot could make someone’s day. Trust me, you will feel more fulfilled because you have done something to make someone else’s life better. It doesn’t cost us anything and it doesn’t hurt anyone.  In today’s materialistic world, we tend to not realize the smallest things that we have until they are gone, and when they are around, it’s as though we do not appreciate them enough for their worth. Family, friendships, and relationships with others are important in every person’s life, and to look back and think, “I didn’t appreciate all the things they did for me,” equates to a lot of regrets. So, why wait? Appreciate them while you have them. When you express your approval or gratitude for something they have done, you will not only enhance their lives, but you will enrich yours as well. What I feel, sometimes we should ask ourselves if we are being the type of person spreading thankyous, cheers and good will or contributing to our own or other people’s doom & gloom.

I was once told that we can still appreciate life through all its ups & downs and twists & turns. Well, it’s kind of hard for me to believe then, but yeah it all started to seem true when I stopped complaining. I mean, just go 24 hours without complaining, not even once. And then watch how your life starts changing. The need is just to adopt an attitude of gratitude. As, without it, even success loses its shine & life its glow.

So, immerse yourself in gratitude each and every day and watch the miracles unfold around you as you do. All you need to do is take a look around you. Notice the beauty in others and all that surrounds you right where you are at this very moment. Try it. 















15 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Yeah true ! Our most of the time is spent wishing for things we don’t have and none of the time for thanking what we really got.

    Special thanks to you for being such an important part of my life ❤
    P.s- Peanutbutter to jelly 😉

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