A girl

A girl- her life is a journey involving transformations

Mom and Dad get a little doll as a gift from God. This little Angel comes as a blessing from the Almighty. Mama-Papa plays with their doll & get the essence of their new found happiness. Angel brings music and rhythm into their lives. Angel giggles and Mama-Papa feel as if a little brook is churning itself as it moves by a hillock. Angel is almost like a gush of fresh, vibrant wind in Mama-Papa’s faces. Their whole world starts revolving around this little fairy.

Time flies by- Angel grows up. She begins to recognize the world around her. She begins to realize that like her, the Almighty has endowed this world with many other blessings. She is still made to walk on a rosy path. Mama-papa constantly guards her as Mama Bird keeps her egg wrapped to her heart. Angel is still ignorant of many facets of existence.  She passes her days in the cozy, warm nook of her parents’ lap.

Angel’s first encounter with the outer world, alone comes in the form of school– a place that will frame her perception, her feelings, her life, her future. Her little fingers do not want to leave the clutch of her mama’s fingers. She is scared- tears roll down her cheeks. But Angel has to sail through the stream of her tears to enter this new phase of life. New place, new environment, and new people- all this is intimidating. But Angel is brave. She accustoms herself with this new world. She makes friends- for the first time, believes someone other than her mama-papa. Clock winds itself; days pass. Angel now smartly flies between both worlds- that of her one and that of her school.

A new phase dawns in Angel’s life- adolescence. This phase brings with it change- physical and psychological. She begins to be aware of her body, her gender, her sexuality. Her perception of the outer world changes, as does that of the outer world of her. She becomes aware of a new element in her life- the male gaze- the gaze of the opposite gender. But Angel is still innocent at heart. She has not yet been able to emerge out of the cocoon of innocence and ignorance. But she has to adapt herself to her new form. Angel also comes to develop a new perception of her. She finds herself in sync with her new independent, rebellious self. She now comes under the grip of a new urge to take her own decisions and to challenge others’ decisions simultaneously. Decisions taken by her Mama-Papa now mostly seem unfair and imposed ones. She now finds herself exposed to evil influences. But Angel is not susceptible to these. Her Mama-papa’s upbringing has developed in her strength of character.

School gives way to High school; High school makes way for college. People come and go in Angel’s life but she remains that same little doll, the angelic fairy in Mama-Papa’s life. Mama misses those little-cushioned fingers which used to clutch around hers some years back. But Mama takes pride too in her best friend- her daughter. Her baby no longer has a little frame. She has grown up to become a beautiful, graceful, smart lady. Her girl is now a woman. Mama-Papa often spend moments of awe, wondering how so many years have passed by so quickly. At the same time, they are haunted by the thought of the day when their little Angel will step into a new life- when she will get married.

Now, it is time for Angel to feel blessed- she falls in love; she finds her special someone. She finds the person whom she can believe blindly. Angel finds a new shelter in her love now. Mama-Papa realize that Angel has finally grown up, though, for them, she will always remain the same, old little baby whose first utterance seemed to them to be the sweetest words they have heard, whose first steps seemed to render them with the same happiness that a mother bird gets her chick learns to fly.

Now, the time has arrived when Mama-Papa’s little, innocent, chubby Angel will enter a new life. Angel will now tread the steps in a life full of responsibilities. She now has to adopt her mother’s rolethe role of a daughter, a wife, a mother, a lover and above all, the role of a woman. Angel’s tiny fingers now leave those of her parents to hold of her love, her husband. Hard, it is very hard. This is perhaps the most difficult phase in Angel’s life. On one hand, she feels elated at the thought of being able to lead her life with her love but on the other hand, she finds herself immersed in tears at the thought of leaving her parents. She has to choose between the two- leaving one’s hand to hold another’s is inevitable. And Angel is not scared to embrace the inevitable. She is a brave girl and a responsible one too. Mama-Papa are sure that Angel will prove to be a ray of blessing in her new family as she was in their lives.

Hope, destiny holds the best in store for Angel. Hope, Angel gets what she truly deserves. But all said and done, Angel will always have her Mama-papa and her love beside her in her journey through life. They will always be her pillars of strength and support who will aid her cruise through this odyssey.    

Pic credits – http://www.thepinkangel.com/feng-shui

24 thoughts on “A girl

    1. Thanks ! 😀

      But, do you wait for things to happen, or do you make them happen yourself? What I believe you should write your own story.Or maybe, it’s already started, you just have to pick a pen and finish it. 🙂
      It’s just that believe in yourself and you never know what miracles you can do !!


      1. Nobody invites troubles….all we can do is face it n i guess i do it pretty well but wat i meant is that not every girl has that complete sweet life…..there are so many who become prostitutes or d ones dwroned in poverty..some are molested by their own..some raped……..some are killed even before birth…some married of forcefully ..not everyone has a happy marriage……the list is never ending…so how do u frame that in writing your own story😏

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah ! I second that 🙂 All the things you said are very right and yes they happen every now & then. But in this post, I just tried to generalize the thing – a girl’s life journey in terms of the different roles she has to play in her life (I even highlighted that line ) as well as the relationship between a girl child and her parents, rather than the unfortunate situations or circumstances or bad fate (in very common terms) she has to face. I’ve talked the whole thing in a very generic way. Had I touched upon the topics/ issues you just told, most probably I couldn’t have been able to end the post. 😀
          Well, if I’ve shown here a sweet life story, that doesn’t mean it is a complete sweet life every time, after all, it’s life which we’ve got and it’s us who can make it a better one ( except during unavoidable & unfortunate circumstances). And Fate is something which I can’t comment upon because the bitter truth is – we can’t change it but we can at least change our attitude to deal with it. The whole purpose of the post is not to highlight all the harsh external/internal life and societal complexities in a girl’s life, rather to simply make all the girls feel special once again. 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you read my post and expressed your thoughts so clearly!
          At last, ending this with a beautiful quote which I strongly believe: “The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”– Pierre de Courbertin 🙂


  1. You have totally misunderstood my point….i did not talk about including d miseries of d unfortunate girls in your post….when i made my first comment it was just a silent wish/prayer for those unlucky ones…….and i had already understood your topic of discussion and your theme clearly…there shouldnt be a doubt in your mind about that…next thing there was no need to thank me..i dont think you thank your close ones for any and everything……….but since you have said so much without even understanding i would like to improve on your ending ….i would like to say that we are fortunate and so now we are here today talking bout ol dese…m nt saying that they dont have ny hope or that they dont struggle or face things…i think we are not even worthy commenting on wat dey do or wat dey dont or wat dey should coz had we been in their shoes i hardly expect any philosphy would pop in our heads..😊……..p.s: Let there be peace


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