The Eternal Mystery

Life is full of ups and downs

What sails today may tomorrow drown

Life is full of challenges and failure

But success lies not in result; But procedure

Because if you work really hard,

Then some or the other day you will be rewarded.

And nothing will be marred.

What it matters is you have tried or not

Then your shortcomings will all be forgot.

So, do your very best

And leave to God the rest.

With new hopes and determination rise every day,

And trust me, in the end, you will be happy and gay!

Troubles come, Troubles go

People come, People go

But this life goes on until you die

So, never ever sigh,

Let things come and let things go,

But don’t let anything shake you,

Be happy, be strong!

Never give up, never lose hope

And ultimately your life will what you want.

 – Anwesha Ganguly   


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