Miracle of Silence

Nothing else lends more meaning and charm to a conversation than silence. Silence speaks when words can’t.

Silence is a blessing. How? Well, many unpleasant/embarrassing situations can be avoided by resorting to silence. Instead of using thoughtless words (which might cause repentance later), if we use discreet words, it let us save a lot of energy. Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.

In today’s world, silence is something of an anomaly. The irony is – it is what we seek, yet too often avoid, or just don’t take time out for.

Practicing silence gives us an opportunity for reconnection with our inner self and to create an inner peace within ourselves. And one shouldn’t lose his/her inner peace for anything, even if his/her whole world seems upset. At times, it is only necessary to rest one’s self in silence for a few minutes, in order to take off the pressure and become refreshed again.

Have you ever noticed that LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters ?

(OMG! yes )

It is only by remaining silent that one can become a good and cautious listener. (generally speaking) Since childhood, we’ve been always told that when we are listening to someone, we don’t speak at the same time as they do because that would just be silly. And a good listener always stands a better chance of expanding his/her knowledge than his/her garrulous counterpart. But, Hey! where will our ego go, then? 😛 That ego, which always stands in front of us making all the decisions based on what it will make us look & feel. Well , believe me… tuck that ego neatly and put it in a corner ! 😉 Then , observe yourself how you become silent in your mind , action and voices and how you truly listen to others.

Silence is something which grows within us, helping us to progress and develop in a very subtle way just like a seed which is hidden in the earth and it grows & develops into a flower. There is something soothing about silence, something that actually ministers to the souls of our self and filling our life with power and strength. As someone truly said – Silence can take us to the core of life.  It has its own voice.

Silence is a matchless way of keeping calm and composure.  A silent prayer to God is always a better and  eloquent way to converse with Him. Silence is a significant way of expressing positive as well as negative feelings. It can be effectively used to approve-disapprove, agree-disagree, praise-condemn, and much more.  No wonder, some of the world’s greatest creations can be attributed to silence. It often proves to be more competent than words. All in all, silence is an asset to one’s personality. It says a lot more than you think.

Sometimes it is better to let the silence do the talking. Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. 


Pic credits- https://what-buddha-said.net/drops/III/Dual_Energy.htm








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