Life Sans Technology

Today, we stand at a point where a human needs four things for survival – oxygen, food, shelter, and technology. Every morning, the first thing I do is check my phone. Although, I have a huge wall clock staring at me, saying ‘It’s 7 a.m., wake up now!’(well, don’t think I’m an early riser 😉). But, I still love my phone. It’s just…hmm… nicer.

Technology has made our lives far more convenient than we could ever imagine. It has simplified our life so much that we cannot think of a day without it. On one hand, technology enriches our lives but on the other hand, in pursuit of ease, we have become over-reliant on technology so much so that we cannot even imagine living without it. We have evolved beyond the times when people loved people and used inanimate things to make life easier. Now people love things and use other people to make their lives better. Technology has over the course of time, made our day to day activities easier, faster and comfortable. Technology is getting in the way.

So, basically, what is it like to live off the grid? Is it possible to entirely live without all the technology stuff that human has invented? Is it even possible for us to do now?

Well, to be frank, I cannot.  We would wake up in the morning without the alarm on our phone (Haha!! that’s kinda impossible though, for me, at least). Then, how will we go to school/college/office? By walking! (Are you kidding me?) . Because, Hey!  Cars/bikes/ public transports are also technology advancements. Aren’t they? Also, it would be around scorching 45 degrees outside (Ugh!…summers). No fans or No ACs. And then after a hectic day at work, you come home by walking. You realize you have a bucket full of clothes to wash and no washing machine (Damn!!!). No phone to order pizza. No TV to watch sports and movies. No iPod to listen to music. Last but not the least, no cell phone to text or call. I guess the doomsday would be better than this (Hah!). Life without technology would be a nightmare for sure. Living off the grid is finding an inner path. It is to be able to live off the perpetual need for tech-savviness. But you know what; the worst part about being off the grid is the reaction you get when you tell people you will be off your all social networking accounts. Those shocking or disgusted looks on their face as though you are an alien. As today, being on the grid is the normal thing and off grid is abnormal. Yep, that’s the reality. Technology has touched every aspect of the lives of the people and it is so intricately linked with their lives that in its absence, the world will descend into chaos and anxiety.

So, why is it so hard to unplug ourselves from technology?

I think it’s the fear of a disconnected life. It’s like FOMO – fear of missing out. Having a mind always curious for trivia (Well…that’s me!). Does a full inbox make you feel more important? Do multiple messages make you feel special? Well, answering “yes” to any of the above questions doesn’t make you less human. From time to time, we have all felt valuable because of the attention we get from email, calls, likes etc . And I’m not going to lie, when I see my blog likes & comments, my heart races a bit 😇 .  Also, if there was no technology, I couldn’t have written this post and you couldn’t be able to read the article. More than 50% cell phone users describe their device as “something they can’t imagine living without”.  Plus, being a tech freak, life will never be possible without my phone or laptop.

What I feel is life sans technology would just be different, not good, but not exactly bad too. It would just be different.  I agree that technology can be a major inhibitor to the humanity, but I also believe that boycotting technology isn’t the ultimate solution. Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay and that taking an elimination approach is the wrong way to go. Instead, I believe we need to embrace what technology has to offer and find ways to balance our use of technology with our lives. All the good things that technology has done for humanity over the past years, has created a momentum that, even if it temporarily causes harm, will be embraced by the majority of the population. You cannot just throw your cell phone out of the window or toss your laptop in the trash because email and messages will still continue to be a part of your life.  But how important that part of your life is, up to you.

You can’t download time, you can’t upload love, and you can’t Google all the answers to certain questions of life (Questions in Life! Hmm…what’s that? 🤔 Well, I invite you to explore this topic further in a post I wrote a few months back –Questions in Life). You must actually live some of your life. Sometimes, it is to give time to yourself from the ever running and constantly spinning world. It is technology which has helped us to achieve our goals (to a maximum extent) and if that technology were to disappear then I would say so would we. Some of us may survive but we would not be actually living (in the sense we call living “now” where everything is only a couple of steps away).


As difficult as it is to imagine our life without technology, it is also impossible for human life to exist without it. Do you agree or not? Well, I’ve expressed my opinion; but you can tell me what you think in the comments below. 🙂




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