Hey, Everyone! 😃

Welcome to my blog- A Leaf of Life! I’m Payel and I’m so thrilled you are here. I know we are a lot alike trying to live every single moment of life at its best. That’s why you’ve come here. Haven’t you? Well, then, a quick awesome tip –

You are human and therefore you make mistakes. You may have hurt someone, messed up big time at work or made a huge error. What’s done is done, don’t allow it to define you for the rest of your life. The person you were and the mistakes you’ve made mean nothing. What matters is how you show up and what you do right now. 

Here, the posts represent my personal deepest thoughts on life, mainly reminders to myself and to the people who read my posts.

I hope this blog ignites in you a spark of inspiration and causes you to think deeply about your life. Trust me, I’ve been there and often times still am.

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