How much is too much?

Nobody is completely happy all the time. Likewise, nobody is completely unhappy all the time either. Generally, humans, regardless of any circumstance(s), live in a constant state of mild-but-not-fully-satisfying happiness due to which they constantly strive for a better life and better everything which eventually lead them to the same place even after expending a lot [...]


Who cares ?

Do you feel sometimes that you're overwhelmed with the situation and you just want to drop it or keep it aside and do nothing by the thought of "who cares"? Sometimes you want to think that nobody cares about the work you do. You just want to believe that only you matter to your work and [...]

2017 Wrap up (TV Shows)

With so many TV shows demanding attention this year, you almost need special powers(Haha! Not really 😅) to separate the truly great shows from the supremely mediocre ones. Or you could just bookmark the below list to ease up your task.😛 Well, 2017 is undoubtedly bestowed by many great TV shows which have actually got the [...]

Dare to be happy

"It’s been a helluva life so far and it’s going to take me some time to figure out the rest of it. But I think believe I’ll dare to be happy along the way. It might hurt or might help, who knows where it’ll lead me but it'll be an epic one." Ever thought like this? Well, [...]

What consumes you ?

  Now Stop! Did you even realize how much time you spend thinking about *this? *this – the thought that hurts time after time. The thought which has hijacked your positive energy and stopped it to flow through your soul. The thought of which you’ve become a slave like literally and figuratively. But you know [...]

To live like purple

Color - a power which directly influences the soul. It is the celebration of life. Every thought, every word, and every action enriches our life with colors. Can we even imagine a ‘thing’ without a color? FYI: Black and white also color. Color is present in all levels of our being, be it physical, mental,  [...]

The Reset Button

Hey, there Dear Reader I hope this ol’ fashioned blurg post finds you swell. (Haha!😉 JK) Well, what would your life look like if you had a "Reset" button you could press when you found yourself in a miserable situation? Or maybe every single instance when you're experiencing discomfort or frustration, those moments in life when you [...]

You’re perfectly flawed!

Perfection: this concept has ransacked every soul and has been rammed in our brains right from the childhood. Even if people around us including our parents, teachers, relatives, friends have never uttered a word about being the most perfect person alone, (which is practically impossible though), we have our biggest enemy- ‘our own self’. We, [...]