The Reset Button

Hey, there Dear Reader I hope this ol’ fashioned blurg post finds you swell. (Haha!😉 JK) Well, what would your life look like if you had a "Reset" button you could press when you found yourself in a miserable situation? Or maybe every single instance when you're experiencing discomfort or frustration, those moments in life when you [...]


You’re perfectly flawed!

Perfection: this concept has ransacked every soul and has been rammed in our brains right from the childhood. Even if people around us including our parents, teachers, relatives, friends have never uttered a word about being the most perfect person alone, (which is practically impossible though), we have our biggest enemy- ‘our own self’. We, [...]

Life is a wait

When I was a child, They asked me to wait  Wait for the opportune time. Wait for the vacations,  To go out for playing To wait, till my homework was done. But, I couldn't tell them that I felt like playing now! When I grew up just a little bit,  and was learning new things [...]

Life Sans Technology

Today, we stand at a point where a human needs four things for survival - oxygen, food, shelter, and technology. Every morning, the first thing I do is check my phone. Although, I have a huge wall clock staring at me, saying ‘It’s 7 a.m., wake up now!’(well, don’t think I’m an early riser 😉). [...]

Overthinking Everything?

There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts. The fact is – if you have 10 problems, 6 out of them will be completely made up scenarios in your head which have no logical reasoning. We all face problems. Whatever problems/issues (including life-changing, stressful or frivolous etc.) [...]

Life is a cup of coffee

Well, once again a metaphor of life but this time it is coffee love ❤️️! But guess what, this post won’t talk about any love for the coffee  (Aww..sad ☹ !!) rather will compare coffee with life (Oh! that’s interesting 😀).  Life is a cup of coffee. Here, the coffee represents life and the cup represents all [...]

Miracle of Silence

Nothing else lends more meaning and charm to a conversation than silence. Silence speaks when words can’t. Silence is a blessing. How? Well, many unpleasant/embarrassing situations can be avoided by resorting to silence. Instead of using thoughtless words (which might cause repentance later), if we use discreet words, it let us save a lot of [...]